Why CollegeSpring?

The Need

Earning a bachelor’s degree in addition to a high school diploma is associated with nearly $1,000,000 in increased lifetime income, yet only 9 percent of students from low-income backgrounds achieve bachelor’s degrees by age 24. CollegeSpring exists to change that statistic. Read our Story.

Our Mission

CollegeSpring equips students from low-income backgrounds with the academic skills and mentoring they need to close the SAT, ACT, and college opportunity gaps.

Our Model

Our programs provide a combination of professional instruction, near-peer mentoring by current undergraduates, and diagnostic testing to help students increase SAT and ACT scores and understand the college admissions process. We focus heavily on the SAT and ACT because they play a significant role in where students attend college and whether or not they graduate.

Our Results

Since 2008, we helped more than 15,000 students in California and New York improve their SAT scores by an average of 110 points. Students who complete our program are 43% more likely than their peers to enroll in a four-year college. Additionally, 89% of our students who attend college are on track to graduate.

Our Vision for the Future

CollegeSpring believes that all students should have the opportunity to choose a four-year college education. We hope you will join us! Help us make potential possible.

Making Potential Possible

Learn more about our approach and how it helps students achieve the college futures they deserve:

Our Steps to Success

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