Academic Year Programs

All CollegeSpring programs provide 80 hours of content to help students succeed: 40 hours of SAT preparation in Math, Critical Reading, and Writing; 20 hours of preparation for college admissions and financial aid; and four full-length diagnostic SAT exams in an authentic testing environment.

The Academic-Year Program

CollegeSpring’s academic-year is integrated into the junior-year curriculum at partner schools, and is most appropriate for schools where most students are on track to graduate and to fulfill A-G requirements but could benefit from extra support on the SAT and in college admissions. Students in CollegeSpring’s academic-year programs see an average SAT score increase of x. CollegeSpring has offered academic-year programs since 2011 and x% of our partners have renewed contracts or established multi-year contracts.


CollegeSpring’s Programs Managers and Site Coordinators oversee program implementation and staff support. CollegeSpring trains and provides ongoing support for all mentors and instructors. In addition, CollegeSpring recruits, hires, and coordinates all undergraduate mentors. CollegeSpring also provides curriculum materials for all students, mentors, and teachers.


Students in the academic-year program attend a CollegeCpring class 90 minutes a week during their advisory period for the duration of the school year. Instructors receive pre-service training, lesson plan and pacing guides, and ongoing professional development opportunities.


During the second semester, students also attend an hour of mentoring every week, either after school or during the school day. Tutoring groups average 3-5 students per mentor. CollegeSpring recruits all mentors from local colleges and universities. Our undergraduate mentors serve not only as tutors but also as near-peer role models, reflecting the aspirations, achievements and paths to college that we envision for students.

Diagnostic Exams

Students take four diagnostic SAT exams over the course of the year, proctored by schools either after school or on Saturdays. In addition to helping familiarize students with the SAT, these tests provide detailed assessment data that our teachers and mentors leverage to help students identify and address challenge areas.


Students in the summer program attend CollegeSpring for three hours a day, Monday through Thursday. A sample schedule is below.

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