Announcing CollegeSpring’s Founding New York City Team


New York, NY, July 8, 2014 – CollegeSpring is proud to welcome our founding New York City team. CollegeSpring New York, led by Executive Director Melissa Silberman, will launch during the 2014-2015 school year with programs for 650 students at 6 New York City schools. CollegeSpring plans to serve students across New York City at both traditional public schools and charter schools.

CollegeSpring’s founding New York City team members are all native New Yorkers who are well positioned to build a CollegeSpring program that meets the unique needs of New York City students. Executive Director Melissa Silberman was formerly Executive Director of Public Giving at the NYC DOE and Principal at Automotive High in NYC. Other founding team members include Programs Manager Imani Darden, Programs Coordinator Jon Gabay, and Office Manager Jared Martinez.

CollegeSpring New York is CollegeSpring’s first regional location outside California. According to Executive Director Melissa Silberman, “NYC students need this. No one else is doing what we do in a way that is scaleable. And in New York, the SAT is especially important because it has critical implications beyond college admissions. At many schools, SAT scores not only influence admissions, but also determine whether or not students must take remedial classes. Testing out of remedial classes makes students more likely to graduate.”

Programs Coordinator Jon Gabay, a former CUNY admissions staff-person, is especially excited to help bring CollegeSpring to New York City: “There are checks and balances in the CUNY system to ensure that every student, regardless of SAT score, has access to higher education, but this access tends to exclude four-year colleges, which rely heavily on the SATs. This means many students from low-income families attend community colleges instead of four-year colleges. Working in admissions, I had to direct far too many students towards community colleges due to low SAT scores. I am excited to be in a role where I can address the inequality in test scores head-on.”

Initial programs will take place at Achievement First Brooklyn High School, Business of Sports School, Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School, KIPP NYC College Prep High School, Uncommon Charter High School, and Uncommon Collegiate Charter high School. Tim Yates and The Heckscher Foundation for Children are among CollegeSpring New York’s initial funders.

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