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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is CollegeSpring right for my students and my school?

CollegeSpring works with any school or organization that serves primarily low income, first generation college-bound students. We focus on building fundamental academic skills that will help the students succeed on the SAT, ACT, and in the classroom. We work with schools that aim for all of their students to meet A-G requirements.

How is CollegeSpring's model unique?

CollegeSpring’s curriculum combines test preparation with lessons about college admissions and financial aid so that students are prepared to enter four-year colleges. Students learn from professional teachers in the classroom and from current undergraduates in small-group tutoring sessions. They also take four diagnostic tests. Learn more

What kind of support does CollegeSpring offer?

Before they begin working for CollegeSpring, all instructors and mentors receive significant training on our program, our curriculum, and relevant pedagogical strategies and classroom management techniques. During their employment, all instructors and mentors are supported by a program manager. Instructors and mentors can expect to be observed and given feedback focused on both their strengths and on possible areas of improvement. The program manager will also help instructors and mentors analyze student data and implement changes to the curriculum based on this data.

What kind of data does CollegeSpring provide?

After each of the four diagnostic tests that are administered as part of the program, all instructors and mentors receive student score reports. Score reports cover how well each student performed on each sections of the test, as well as a breakdown of the number of questions students answered correctly, incorrectly, and left blank. In addition to individual student score reports, instructors will also receive a class report that focuses on class-wide trends. Administrators are copied on these class-wide reports, and also receive summative reports at the end of the program.

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