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CollegeSpring partners with schools and community-based organizations to offer a premier SAT and ACT test preparation curriculum that specifically targets the needs of first-generation college-bound students and students from low-income backgrounds. Our programs integrate test prep, college-readiness instruction, and personal guidance to help students reach their goals and “spring” into college. What we offer:

Solid Academic Preparation

Most students coming into our program score below the national average for the SAT and ACT. We help these students solidify the foundational knowledge needed to demonstrate the critical thinking skills that the tests are designed to assess.

Targeted Test-Taking Strategies

We help students learn the tests’ structure and become familiar with the often counter-intuitive strategies that will help them boost their scores.

Diagnostic Testing and Registration Guidance

Students in our programs take four full-length practice tests to become familiar with what it takes to succeed on a four-hour test. We also guide students through the registration process because we realize that test preparation only matters if students actually take the test.

Data-Driven Impact

Score reports from our diagnostic tests gives teachers and mentors the information they need to identify where students struggle and adapt instruction to better meet students’ needs. Partner organizations also have access to student data and can track program performance to meet high-level goals.

College Choice Guidance

CollegeSpring students internalize the benefits of a college education. They compare college options, including UCs, CSUs, and private schools, and identify which schools are “safety”, “match”, and “reach” schools for them.

Practical Information

CollegeSpring students learn how to apply for fianancial aid, including scholarships, grants, and the FAFSA. CollegeSpring also encourages students to obtain letters of recommendation and fee-waivers, emphasizing the purpose and importance or those documents.

Help Getting Started

CollegeSpring students work with their mentors to draft personal statements and to complete mock applications.

Integrated Teaching and Mentoring

CollegeSpring’s program is delivered by both professional instructors (usually teachers at our partner schools) and by undergraduate mentors, many of whom have previous tutoring experience.


CollegeSpring only hires credentialed teachers with experience working with our partners’ student demographics. In the majority of our programs, we train teachers at our partner schools to deliver instruction.


Undergraduate mentors work with students in small tutoring groups to provide more individualized tutoring on the SAT or ACT, and in college admissions. Because mentors recently took one of the tests and navigated admissions, they are uniquely positioned to serve as near-peer role models. Building relationships with high-achieving undergraduates helps students gain confidence in their own potential.

Staff Support

Instructors and mentors who serve in our programs receive in-depth pre-service training, detailed lesson plans and other curriculum materials, and ongoing coaching and professional development opportunities from our Programs Managers. We give staff the tools and support they need to make a difference.

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