CollegeSpring Incorporates New SAT Changes into Constantly Evolving Curriculum

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San Francisco, CA, March 13, 2014 – Last week, the College Board confirmed general details regarding their planned SAT redesign. The College Board will administer the revised PSAT in Fall 2015 and the revised SAT in Spring 2016. To ensure that we stay one step ahead and always provide our students with the most helpful resources possible, CollegeSpring continually revises our curriculum to address confirmed SAT redesign updates.

Previous announcements from the College Board indicated that the redesigned SAT will align with the Common Core State Standards. We have already updated our current curriculum, including student handbooks and mentor and instructor lesson plans, to align more closely with the Common Core State Standards and to include instruction that is increasingly more rigorous and differentiated. CollegeSpring’s curriculum already stands out from other available test-prep resources by focusing more on core academic skills than on test-taking strategies; as we move forward, we will continue to include more skill-building and strategies for diverse learners in our curriculum.

Most recently, the College Board announced that the redesigned SAT will include an optional essay, evidence-based reading and writing sections, and a math section that will cover linear equations and proportional reasoning. We are currently aligning our curriculum to these concepts and are confident that our curriculum will provide students with the instruction they need to effectively prepare for the redesigned SAT. A sample redesigned SAT will be released in April 2014 and will serve as a model for further refining our curriculum updates.