Mentoring With CollegeSpring

  • "Just last week, I went to a school where the students just took their SAT, and one of the students was like, “I did really good, it was all thanks to you!” That brings you back. You’re actually helping them, and it’s working." - Amarachi Okafor, CollegeSpring Mentor, Los Angeles
  • “It’s perfect for a college student like me. Because I’m able to not only work during college, and gain that experience, but to help out schools and communities around my area.” - Matthew Adsen, CollegeSpring Mentor, Los Angeles
  • “As mentors, we are the connection between the students now and what they can achieve. We’re an example of where they can be in just a year or two.” - Sophie You, CollegeSpring Mentor, SF Bay Area
  • "CollegeSpring has allowed me to gain and enhance my teaching and mentor-ship skills, which will be crucial in reaching my current goal of becoming a guidance counselor/college counselor." - Ashley Rivera, CollegeSpring Mentor, New York City

Every spring, hundreds of talented undergraduates join CollegeSpring to help high schoolers in their community—most of whom come from low-income backgrounds—pursue their college dreams.

Working directly in students’ classrooms, these mentors help students prepare for the SAT and ACT exams, share insights from their own college experiences, and serve as crucial role models during the application process. 


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The Job

  • Work with groups of 5-7 students on topics including SAT/ACT prep and college readiness
  • 1-2 hour sessions, taking place at local high schools
  • Lesson plans, teaching materials, and training provided
  • Sessions last from January to May

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The Perks

  • Paid position, including paid prep time
  • Paid training sessions with CollegeSpring staff
  • Connections to post-grad job opportunities with organizations like Teach for America, City Year, and Citizen Schools
  • No prior teaching experience required


The Impact

  • Students who complete our programs are nearly 50% more likely to enroll in a four-year college
  • They also increase their SAT score by an average of 103 points
  • 77% of CollegeSpring students say their mentor helped them learn to apply and go to college

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