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*****CollegeSpring is still accepting applications for mentors in Modesto, beginning the last week of January. If you are interested, please submit an application here!*****

*****CollegeSpring is still accepting applications for mentors in Los Angeles and Inglewood (Animo Oscar De La Joya Charter High School, Animo Pat Brown Charter High School, and Animo Inglewood Charter High School) beginning the last week of January. If you are interested, please submit an application here!*****

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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”



CollegeSpring Mentors Light Fires.

As a CollegeSpring mentor, you will work to give all students the opportunity to choose a four-year college by tutoring high school juniors and helping them to prepare in-depth for the SAT. CollegeSpring mentors learn to teach and to teach well. You will facilitate discussion and provide the skilled guidance needed to help students really “get it.” In the intimacy of a small-group setting, you will help students clarify confusing concepts and sharpen their skills in order to achieve the SAT scores they need to succeed. You will also prepare students for college admissions and financial aid, so that this one first step, taking the SAT, becomes the beginning of a successful college journey.

Make the SAT an Opportunity.

For high school students, taking a college entrance exam is the first big turning point between “college ready” and “college bound.” Students must take the SAT or ACT to be eligible for most four-year colleges, and scoring well on the SAT can make a significant impact on students’ college options. You will help students achieve the SAT scores they need to broaden and bolster their college options. Your involvement early in the college application process gives students, many of whom will be the first in their families to attend a four-year college, the support they need to succeed.

Be a Role Model.

As a college student, you will be much more than a tutor. You will lead by example, helping students gain confidence in their own ability to not only go to college, but to be high-achievers and leaders on campus. As a near-peer role model, your own story will be one of your key assets as you help students realize that taking the SAT and applying to college, which may seem like daunting obstacles, are actually achievable.

Who Should Apply?

CollegeSpring mentors are dedicated, passionate strivers in the classroom and beyond. Our mentors come from all sorts of colleges, majors, and walks of life, but share a firm belief in educational equity and the desire to make a concrete difference.

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Academic Year Mentors (Spring Semester)

CollegeSpring is hiring mentors for the academic year in Northern California, Los Angeles County, and New York City. Questions? Learn more on our FAQ page. Apply Now: Position Description: About CollegeSpring CollegeSpring helps high-school students from low-income backgrounds boost their SAT scores, tackle…  Learn more