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About the Program

Why Mentors? Why the SAT? Why me?

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”


CollegeSpring Mentors Light Fires.

As a CollegeSpring mentor, you will work to give all students the opportunity to choose a four-year college by tutoring high school juniors and helping them to prepare in-depth for the SAT.

CollegeSpring mentors learn to teach and to teach well. You will facilitate discussion and provide the skilled guidance needed to help students really “get it.” In the intimacy of a small-group setting, you will help students clarify confusing concepts and sharpen their skills in order to achieve the SAT scores they need to succeed. You will also prepare students for college admissions and financial aid, so that this one first step, taking the SAT, becomes the beginning of a successful college journey.

Make the SAT an Opportunity.

For high school students, taking a college entrance exam is the first big turning point between “college ready” and “college bound.” Students must take the SAT or ACT to be eligible for most four-year colleges, and scoring well on the SAT can make a significant impact on students’ college options. You will help students achieve the SAT scores they need to broaden and bolster their college options. Your involvement early in the college application process gives students, many of whom will be the first in their families to attend a four-year college, the support they need to succeed.

Be a Role Model.

As a college student, you will be much more than a tutor. You will lead by example, helping students gain confidence in their own ability to not only go to college, but to be high-achievers and leaders on campus. As a near-peer role model, your own story will be one of your key assets as you help students realize that taking the SAT and applying to college, which may seem like daunting obstacles, are actually achievable.

Who Should Apply?

CollegeSpring mentors are dedicated, passionate strivers in the classroom and beyond. Our mentors come from all sorts of colleges, majors, and walks of life, but share a firm belief in educational equity and the desire to make a concrete difference.

About the Mentor Position

When does CollegeSpring hire mentors and when should I apply?

CollegeSpring hires part-time mentors in the academic year during the spring semester. Plan to apply in late fall. Subscribe to our newsletter (below), like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter for hiring announcements and other CollegeSpring news.

What does CollegeSpring look for in applicants?

Chances are, we are looking for you! We look for high-achieving undergraduates who have the potential to become strong tutors, who understand the challenges our students face, and who demonstrate college careers that will inspire our students to imagine new possibilities for themselves and their futures.

I got a perfect 2400 on my SAT. Am I automatically in?

Believe it or not, being a good mentor is about more than just test scores. This is a competitive opportunity with a selective hiring process, and we often turn down applicants with amazing SAT scores if they don’t have what it takes to be good tutors and role models. While we take SAT scores into consideration, the mentors we do hire are motivated students with an exceptional ability to explain concepts and connect with students. We look for the applicants who will make the biggest difference in our students’ lives.

I’ve never tutored the SAT before. What kind of training does CollegeSpring provide?

We look for applicants who have the potential to become amazing tutors–and we help you get there! CollegeSpring trains mentors in classroom management, tutoring techniques, and how to deliver our content. We give you a refresher course in the topics covered on the SAT, just in case it’s been awhile since you used the Pythagorean Theorem or diagrammed a sentence. Our easy-to-follow curriculum guide gives you the tools you need to help students review the concepts they find most difficult. You will also learn how to effectively help students navigate the college admissions and financial aid processes.

What other types of support do mentors receive?

We look for applicants who have the potential to become amazing tutors – and we help you get there! CollegeSpring provides intensive training sessions, during which we train you in classroom management, tutoring techniques, and content delivery. We give you a refresher course on the topics covered on the SAT, just in case it has been awhile since you used the Pythagorean Theorem or diagrammed a sentence. Our easy-to-follow curriculum guide gives you the tools you need to help students review the concepts they find most difficult. You will also learn about admissions tools like the CSU eligibility index, and you will learn how to help your students set realistic college goals based on their SAT scores and GPAs.

What is a Lead Mentor?

A Lead Mentor does everything that a Mentor does, and then more! Lead Mentors are responsible for being the main point of contact between the Mentors at a school site and our Program Coordinators. They are often returners to our program or have significant prior tutoring experience, which helps them support other Mentors who may be tutoring the SAT for the first time. When hiring Lead Mentors, we look for individuals with the capacity to take charge in any situation that may arise. This is a great opportunity for strong Mentors who demonstrate potential to take on more responsibilities and develop their leadership skills.

What is the time commitment for spring semester positions?

CollegeSpring gives preference to academic-year mentor applicants who can work two afternoons a week (set by our partner schools) throughout our high school students’ spring semester. After participating in two days of training, mentors will work with two groups of 3-5 students each afternoon, for an hour each. Additionally, mentors are expected to spend up to two hours each week preparing lessons. Mentors are compensated for tutoring time and prep time and also receive a transportation stipend.

Where will I be working?

CollegeSpring partners with high schools in the SF Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles, and in New York. We work to ensure that you tutor at sites that are accessible. For mentors who don’t have cars, we can offer guidance on setting up carpools and accessing other transportation options.

Will my work make a difference?

Yes! As Mentors, your effort, determination, and enthusiasm ensure that no student “slips through the cracks” while at CollegeSpring. You are the coaches, cheerleaders, and little voices in our students’ ears that help them feel confident about taking the SAT and applying to college. You give students the support they need during a key turning point in their educational careers.

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About the Intern Position

Are there other ways to get involved with CollegeSpring?

Yes! In addition to our mentor positions, CollegeSpring also accepts a few summer interns in both our Bay Area office and our Los Angeles office.

What is the difference between interning and mentoring with CollegeSpring?

CollegeSpring mentors work directly with students, acting as role models and providing direct tutoring support. Interns work in our offices, contributing to the behind-the-scenes work that makes our programs possible.

How can I learn more?

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to learn about upcoming opportunities!

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