New Book on Civic Work Features CollegeSpring CEO

Recent Coverage – A new book by Thomas Ehrlich and Ernestine Fu, “Civic Work and Civic Lessons: Two Generations Reflect on Public Service,” profiles CollegeSpring CEO Garrett Neiman and tells the story of CollegeSpring’s founding:

“Garrett wanted to do more to promote and expand CollegeSpring, but he was torn. As he told me his story, it was fall quarter of his final year at Stanford. Bright summer flip-flops, neon frisbees, and custers of students tanning on Wilbur Field were gradually disappearing. Leaves covered the rooftops of cars, sidewalks, and the overhangs of buildings. These events all signified an important time for may students at Stanford, particularly the seniors–a slew of job offers, and rejections, were flowing in, and there was the anticipation of graduation and having to trudge out into the work world. Garrett had received an offer from McKinsey and Company, a top global consulting firm, an offer for which many of his peers yearned…”

“Sitting across from [CollegeSpring’s first major donor] at a coffee shop in downtown Palo Alto…he began to focus on the idea of working full-time to expand CollegeSpring. ‘If I turn down McKinsey,’ Garrett began, nervously toying with the napkin dispenser in front of him, ‘Will you fund my nonprofit for two years?”

To read the story of CollegeSpring’s beginnings and to read other inspiring stories of leaders who have dedicated their lives to public service, buy the book! All profits received by the authors will be donated to philanthropic organizations.

Civic Work and Civic Lessons

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