Redesigned SAT Design Team

Designing and creating the new curriculum and programming for the redesigned SAT has been a huge focus for CollegeSpring and has required the efforts of every staff member, from staff in Communications and Data to our Regional Programs Teams.

In particular, our Redesigned SAT Design Team has been the cornerstone of launching the new programming.

Thank you for all of your hard work!


Julie Gopalan, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Impact

Julie is leading our organizational transition from the current to the redesigned SAT. Julie is excited about how the changes to the test will allow for students to better demonstrate their college-ready skills and knowledge. 


Krystal Flores, Director of Program Quality & Training

Krystal is leading the development of redesigned SAT training and professional development programs for internal and external staff. Krystal is excited to introduce CollegeSpring’s undergraduate mentors and professional teachers to the redesigned SAT.


Andrea Vernitsky, Curriculum & Content Manager

Andrea is leading the research and planning of curriculum-based projects and the development of curriculum and resources. Andrea is also collaborating with Krystal to develop internal and external trainings.