College Readiness

Doing well on the SAT or ACT is only the first step in applying to college. We also help students understand their college options and give them the information and support they need to feel confident about financial aid, personal statements, applications, and more.

College Readiness

The college readiness portion of our curriculum focuses on giving students the information they need to put success on the SAT or ACT in context. “Undermatching” is often a problem among the students we serve–students aim too low in their college goals, and often go to familiar, local schools instead of exploring more competitive schools that can provide more resources to their undergraduates. By helping our students connect the dots between a better score and a more competitive school, we help them identify and aim for schools that will be good fits.

Students gain a new understanding of the factors influencing college admissions and how their SAT or ACT score fits into that process. At many schools, test scores and GPA are part of a matrix to determine eligibility. Students learn what scores to aim for to reach the schools they wish to attend.

Coaches and Role Models

CollegeSpring’s dual teaching and mentoring approach gives students, many of whom will be the first in their families to attend college, a strong support system. Our classroom curriculum and professional development empower teachers to support their students through the college admissions process in new ways. Undergraduate mentors serve as impactful role models, providing the reassurance, encouragement, and exciting stories that help our students gain confidence in their own ability to succeed in college.

Collaborating, not Duplicating

CollegeSpring works with a wide variety of partners who have differing needs when it comes to college advising. We tailor the college-readiness portion of our curriculum to the needs of each partner, sharing resources and integrating milestones as appropriate.

For partners that struggle to provide even basic college preparation resources, our curriculum fills a crucial gap and gives students the tools they need to succeed. For partners with strong college advising programs in place, CollegeSpring helps students understand the basics so that college counselors can leverage their time more effectively.

Some topics we cover:

  • College Options
  • College/Career Connections
  • Choosing Where to Apply
  • Applications for UCs, CSUs, and private colleges
  • Determining Eligibility and Fit
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statements
  • College Application Timelines
  • Types of Financial Aid
  • How to Apply for Financial Aid
  • FAFSA Practice
  • Comparing Financial Aid Packages
  • Resources for Undocumented Students

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