Data & Impact

CollegeSpring supports continuous, dynamic research to improve the quality and breadth of our programs by supporting data-driven decision making; to track our long-term impact on our students’ success; and to share with the wider college access communities what we learn through our research.

Reports & Presentations

How does CollegeSpring change students' lives?

This one-pager visually represents CollegeSpring’s theory of change – a model of the way CollegeSpring’s program changes students’ academic trajectories and futures.

Theory of Change

What is the evidence for CollegeSpring's impact on students?

These reports detail the impact of CollegeSpring on student testing, college admission, college enrollment, and college matching outcomes.

Long-Term Impact Report

Long-Term Impact Report (short) 

Fiscal Year 2014 SAT & College Report 

Comparison Schools Report

What are the results for each cycle of CollegeSpring programs?

What data-driven tools does CollegeSpring have for running effective programs?

What does CollegeSpring's data say about college access more broadly?

CollegeSpring collaborates on academic research to contribute to research on college access. This section includes presentations and publications from that work.

Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2014 Poster


 What’s New at CollegeSpring Data & Impact?


CollegeSpring’s First Formative Evaluation

For the second Data & Impact blog post, I wanted to give an update on one of our major projects. We are currently in the middle of our first formative evaluation. This project started in May 2014 and will wrap…  Learn more


Introducing Data & Impact at CollegeSpring

June 29th, 2015 /Mariana Preciado

Welcome to the home on the web for Data & Impact at CollegeSpring! Here you can read up on our Data & Impact activities, including program cycle reports, program best practices, and analyses of our impact on student success. We will also…  Learn more


CollegeSpring Improves College Matriculation and Matching, Finds New Report

July 3rd, 2014

Los Angeles, CA, July 3, 2014 – With larger cohorts of CollegeSpring students now entering college, CollegeSpring is excited to be able to report meaningfully on college matriculation. Dr. Mariana Preciado, CollegeSpring’s Michael & Susan Dell Foundation-funded Director of Research…  Learn more