Test Preparation

CollegeSpring offers the only SAT and ACT preparation curriculum specifically tailored to the needs of students from low-income backgrounds. We make sure that students solidify the academic knowledge and test-taking skills they need to succeed on the tests and beyond.

Why the SAT and ACT?

We focus on these tests because their scores not only determine students’ college options but also affect how successful they will be after they enroll.

Taking (and doing well on) the SAT or SAT plays an important role in deciding whether or not students will begin higher education at four-year colleges and universities. Most four-year colleges require one of these tests for admission. At many schools, the tests–taking place over several hours–carries as much weight in the application process as a student’s GPA, accumulated over four years of high school.

Students who begin higher education at four-year schools are more than three times more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree than students who begin at community college. By working to improve test scores, students boost their chances of admission to a four-year college while also solidifying the skills they need to have an academically successful freshman year.


Our Curriculum

Our professionally developed curriculum covers all three sections of the SAT (Math, Evidence-Based Reading & Writing, and the essays) and all five sections of the ACT (English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing).

  • Our curriculum is designed for students who begin at a lower baseline than the students who would typically benefit most from a for-profit program.
  • Mentors and teachers receive in-depth resources, training, and ongoing support so that they feel confident teaching and tutoring all required subject matter.

Diagnostic Tests

CollegeSpring students take four full-length, proctored diagnostic tests over the course of our programs.

  • Score reports after each diagnostic test identify student performance in key content areas within each test section so that students, mentors, and instructors know where to focus to make the biggest impact possible.
  • Students say the test-taking skills they gain from CollegeSpring help with other tests, from pop-quizes to high-stakes AP exams.

Teaching and Tutoring

Professional teachers and undergraduate mentors work together to make sure that students have the support they need to succeed. Credentialed teachers with experience working with our demographic deliver our classroom instruction to review key concepts, while undergraduate mentors work with students in small groups to review these concepts in more depth.

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