Our Mission

CollegeSpring is dedicated to helping students from low-income backgrounds pursue the college educations they deserve.

Unfortunately, some American high school students face a much longer and rougher road to college than others. This is particularly true for students from low-income backgrounds, who often lack access to the same assistance and resources as their wealthier peers: test preparation, college coaching, information about financial aid, and networks of college-educated people in their community.

Add these inequities together, and it’s not hard to understand why many smart, hardworking, and resilient students never have the opportunity to attend college—or to receive the financial benefits of a degree.

CollegeSpring exists to bridge that gap. We work with students in their classrooms to help them increase their SAT and ACT scores and confidently navigate the application process—empowering them to demonstrate their true potential, and increasing their chances of attending a four-year college by nearly 50 percent.

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