Test Preparation

The SAT and ACT can be significant obstacles for students who lack access to the resources needed to tackle them. That’s why all CollegeSpring programs give students intensive instruction on the SAT or ACT, helping them increase their scores by an average of 23 percent and demonstrate their true potential during the college admissions process.

Our SAT and ACT curricula are specifically designed to meet the needs and answer the questions of students who might not be familiar with the tests’ format and purpose. Key features include:

  • Instruction on core academic skills that appear on the test—instead of just test-taking tips.
  • Instruction by teachers at our partner schoolswho already have relationships with students, and understand their particular needs.
  • Support for English Language Learners, and students from many other backgrounds.
  • Diagnostic tests with personalized score reports for every student—to help them track their progress, and to help teachers prioritize future lessons.

Since we work with schools and school districts to deliver CollegeSpring lessons as a part of the regular school day, our programs are always 100 percent free for students.