Clap for College Acceptances

This College Signing Day, CollegeSpring is celebrating the many achievements of students on their path to college.  Below are the stories of a few CollegeSpring alumni as they make their decisions on which college to attend.

Nathaly Diaz Romero

Northern California Program Alumna

Nathaly_Diaz_RomeroEast Palo Alto Phoenix Academy high school senior, Nathaly Diaz Romero, increased her SAT score by nearly 500 points after participating in the CollegeSpring 2014-15 Academic-Year Program. CollegeSpring’s curriculum gave Nathaly a chance to practice questions similar to those on the actual SAT, while the real-time score reports helped her track improvements across tests. “I personally really liked seeing my scores after the diagnostic tests because I was able to see how I was doing, what I had improved on, and the areas I should focus on.”

Growing up with five siblings in a single-parent household, Nathaly knew that a four-year degree could open new professional and educational doors. With support from CollegeSpring, Nathaly is now deciding which door to enter. Having been accepted to San Francisco State and Humboldt State, Nathaly is weighing her college options and is considering pursuing a degree in Psychology or International Relations.


Ibrahim Magassa

New York Program Alumnus

Ibrahim Magassa

Business of Sports School (BOSS) senior, Ibrahim Magassa, explains that the most helpful part of the CollegeSpring program was working with

undergraduate students who were once in his shoes. As the first person in his family to go to college, Ibrahim was nervous about taking the SAT. His CollegeSpring mentor helped him put the SAT into context. When approaching the college applic

ation process, Ibrahim utilized this salient piece of advice from his mentor: “You can’t expect to excel without preparation.” With support from CollegeSpring and BOSS, Ibrahim was not only prepared for the college application process, but he excelled. Ibrahim is still deciding between Duke, Bowdoin, Babson, Hopkins, Syracuse, and Notre Dame, and plans to study biology.



Lucio Gonzalez

Southern California Program Alumnus


Animo Inglewood Charter High School senior Lucio Gonzalez discusses receiving his first college acceptance.

“When I arrived home from school back in January, I saw an envelope from the first private college that I applied to. Without notice, I casually began to rip open the letter casually expecting for it to be the usual spam mails for advertising the school. I then briefly examined the piece of mail that I received. I read the first word of the letter message said ‘Congratulations’. The first private college, Gustavus Adolphus University had accepted me into their school. Relieved, I rushed home to show my mom that a college wants me to attend their school. Going to college means creating a better living for myself and my family.” Lucio is extremely excited to be attending Gustavus Adolphus University in the Fall!


Congratulations to all high school seniors who are committing to attend college today!