CollegeSpring Releases FY 2015 Annual Report

During Fiscal Year 2015, CollegeSpring grew tremendously—from successfully launching programs in New York, to reaching over 11,000 students served.

Throughout our organizational evolution, student success remains the fundamental driver. Fiscal Year 2015 was no exception. In 2015, we demonstrated that we could change students’ long-term educational outcomes: compared to their peers, CollegeSpring students are 50% more likely to enroll in four-year colleges, and of those enrolled, 85% of students are on-track to graduate. By delivering targeted curriculum, forging strong local and national partnerships, and refining our programs through continuous data evaluation, we strive to help every student realize their full potential.

Click above to view our Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report or see it here, and join us in celebrating our students’ successes and CollegeSpring’s continued growth!