CollegeSpring Strengthens Partnership with the College Board at 2015 National College Access Network Conference

ORLANDO – CollegeSpring was honored to co-present with the College Board at the National College Access Network’s (NCAN) 20th Anniversary Conference on Monday, September 28, 2015. CollegeSpring’s collaboration with the College Board at NCAN illustrates a shared commitment to expand educational opportunity for all students, and underscores the College Board and CollegeSpring’s mutual belief that preparation for the SAT is critical in connecting students with college possibilities.

“We have been impressed with CollegeSpring’s model and curriculum,” said Tierney Kraft, Director of SAT Partnerships at the College Board. “They have been one of the first organizations to incorporate official SAT practice into their curriculum. We look forward to continued partnership to help more low-income, first-generation students get ready for the SAT and college.”

During the workshop, CollegeSpring explained why SAT preparation can be a high-leverage intervention tool for the students that NCAN members serve, while the College Board demonstrated the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. This online resource, which launched in June of this year, allows students to access College Board-official SAT preparation resources for free through the Khan Academy.

The College Board is interested in building partnerships within the NCAN community to help more students effectively use the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. “Partnering with college access organizations like CollegeSpring is crucial to ensure that free, Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy reaches students and families,” said Kraft.

While these free, online SAT preparation tools significantly democratize test preparation, CollegeSpring CEO Garrett Neiman and Senior Vice President of Strategy & Impact Julie Bachur Gopalan identified particular barriers that may prevent low-income students from utilizing these resources. CollegeSpring shared best practices on how to effectively implement these services for first-generation, college-bound students from low-income backgrounds.

“We recognize the critical role our peer organizations play in bringing these essential resources to our students,” Bachur Gopalan remarked. “We wanted to provide attendees with some of our best practices for leveraging the power of SAT test prep in advancing our collective college access mission.”

For more information on how CollegeSpring is working to implement the College Board’s Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy and modifying its curriculum to fit the redesigned SAT, read CEO Garret Neiman’s op-ed in Forbes.