Head of Partner Success


CollegeSpring is a nonprofit organization that equips schools and teachers with the tools to help students confidently prepare for the SAT, TSIA2 and ACT. These tests are a critical part of college admissions, and every student deserves a chance to prepare. Yet test prep courses and private tutoring are often costly or hard to access. Our programs reduce this inequity by bringing high quality test preparation into schools. We build Test Confidence™ by training, supporting, and providing ongoing coaching to teachers at our partner schools to deliver the CollegeSpring curriculum to their students. Since 2008, CollegeSpring has helped provide school-day test prep to over 40,000 students across the country and we have an ambitious goal to serve 62,000 more from FY23-FY25.


The Head of Partner Success sets the vision and strategy for CollegeSpring’s program implementation to schools, districts, and non-profit partners, and works to deliver it through our teams across different contexts. She/he/they will ensure the team is equipped and ready to meet CollegeSpring’s ambitious student outcome goals as we expand our breadth and depth in key target markets, implement a digital curriculum accessed via a new learning management tool, and scale our product offerings. This role is accountable for creating strong alignment between our work and partner needs, with a focus on high-quality customer service and relationship management in service of long-term engagement and partnerships.

She/he/they will lead a team and build strong systems, processes, and partner-facing resources to ensure instructional success across all partnerships, accelerate team readiness for new product launches, support the scaling of instructional delivery, leverage data to inform program enhancements and serve as an advocate for the partner experience.  This role serves as a key cross-functional leader bridging program design and implementation with the Programs & Impact Team and supporting strong program hand-off and launches in collaboration with the Partnerships (Sales) team.

This is a fantastic role for an experienced leader who is excited to work collaboratively across teams, design and build out key systems and processes to implement and scale our program, and steward meaningful partner relationships.


Design and build an effective, efficient, and scalable program implementation strategy and processes.

  • Create Partner Engagement and Program Implementation strategies with a focus on adoption of the new learning management system, building strong relationships with partners, and delivering a best in class program that increases teacher engagement, student outcomes, renewal rates, and referrals.
  • Drive vision for instructional success and strategic implementation, specifically around teacher training, instructional coaching, data analysis and implementation support.
  • Lead the design and implementation of engagement strategies that improve the adoption of CollegeSpring curriculum through the CollegeSpring Connect learning management system.
  • Lead site level partner communication strategy, collaborating with the Marketing & Communications team to think creatively about effective ways to engage partners throughout the year.
  • Refine both internal and external playbooks for all components of program implementation including pre-launch, launch, onboarding, ongoing delivery, learning and evaluation, and renewals.
  • Design implementation standards and best practices, processes, and tools to operationalize all strategies at scale, prioritizing automation, seamless communication, and overall efficiency.
  • Continuously monitor quantitative and qualitative data to enhance program implementation and delivery, and drive accountability and quality control. Develop a data collection strategy to maximize official data received from partners.
  • Partner with Impact team on yearly program evaluation and execution of data collection planning
  • Work in collaboration with team members to conceptualize the scope and contours of new partnerships, matching partners’ needs with our capacities and priorities.
  • Regularly follow up with customers to gauge satisfaction, anticipate customer needs, and appropriately intervene to mitigate customer issues, to create custom solutions, and to renew and grow accounts. Deliver on and monitor KPIs around partner success.
  • Formalize structured process for feedback and improvement loops based on partner and team input in order to continuously refine our program and services.
  • Leverage and model use of Salesforce in support of making data-informed decisions.

Lead on all partner management, providing oversight for all District, School, and non-profit partners, overseeing planning, feedback, implementation, and renewal conversations and negotiations.

  • Establish mutual goals and expectations with partners.
  • Represent CollegeSpring by making connections within local school/CBO ecosystems.
  • Co-lead partner renewal conversations (with sales team) to secure ongoing partnership and commitments.
  • Work to understand partner needs and values in oftentimes large, complex, and political systems and build deep knowledge of partners’ local educational landscape.
  • Share insights and learnings with our partners on a regular basis.
  • Use research and networking skills to identify emerging trends, news, and initiatives happening in partner districts or nationally to strengthen CollegeSpring partnerships.
  • Develop a best in class account management function and instructional success team that leads to impactful student outcomes, engaged teachers, deep relationships with partners, a strong value proposition, and a high renewal rate (85%+).

Lead, manage, and guide a small team to achieve success in their individual roles and support the success of the larger organization.

  • Optimize strong internal cross-functional collaboration to ensure implementation is in lock-step with Program & Impact Team and Sales Team.
  • Support Instructional Coaches to provide coaching and support to partner teachers implementing the CollegeSpring program.
  • Support Partner Success Manager to ensure the partner experience is consistently high-quality and smooth.
  • In partnership with Impact team, monitor, analyze, and lead discussions around program data across the CollegeSpring network, identifying trends and creating necessary training and tools to support staff
  • Conduct partner site visits, including coaching visits as needed
  • Gather program feedback from stakeholders including students and partners to support continuous improvement of program and implementation
  • Actively contribute to a culture of ongoing learning and improvement, ensuring team structures and processes enable this culture.

Serve as a solution-oriented strategic leader in the organization, work cross-functionally to drive results, and represent the voice of partners in everything you do.  

  • Contribute to annual planning cycles including strategy planning, organizational and team goal-setting, development of key metrics, and budgeting.
  • Monitor progress to goals and key metrics, develop risk mitigation strategies, and lead cross-functionally to ensure the organization is successful in meeting its goals.
  • Participate in weekly Leadership Team meetings and quarterly Board meetings.

The Ideal candidate will demonstrate the following:

  • Mission and values-driven: You hold a passionate commitment to and a sense of urgency for the support of teachers, along with a belief that all students can achieve at high levels. You are motivated by working in an environment where we live out our core values
  • Communication: You have comfort drafting communication in other’s voices. Ability to anticipate questions and needs of audiences. You are able to leverage communication to inspire, influence, drive people to action, support decision making and build relationships. You have the ability to support others in building their communications skills.
  • Problem Solving: You are leveraging others thoughts and expertise in order to problem solve collaboratively and view an issue holistically. You are leaning into the challenges as opportunities and proactively seeking out problems to solve. You are able to look at situations from multiple viewpoints and identify potential pitfalls or challenges early on and provide possible solutions. You have the ability to support others in building their problem solving skills. You are committed to not resting on how things have always been done. You have the ability to experiment, fail fast, and iterate.
  • Relationships: You have a deep curiosity in learning about people and their needs. You have interpersonal and adaptable skills to navigate a lot of different personalities, power structures, and varying priorities. You have the ability to be aware of yourself, and regulate emotions, as well as being able to understand other people’s emotions when displayed. You are able to be a true thought partner with stakeholders and add value to relationships. You have the ability to support others in their relationship building and management skills.
  • Data Analysis: You are able to translate user experience findings into strategic recommendations network-wide. You are able to look at data from multiple perspectives in order to communicate a larger story or narrative. You are able to contextualize data within the larger narrative and story. You have the ability to support others in their data analysis and management skills.
  • Collaboration: You have an awareness of when to lean in and step back, when to leverage expertise of self and others. You have the ability to mine for and manage conflict and debate. You are committed to accountability in the process of collaboration. You have the ability to support others in their collaboration skills.
  • Project Management: You have a strong command and management of stakeholder roles in project completion and sign off. You have the ability to prioritize communication of the project and work with a broader stakeholder group as a part of overall project planning. You have the ability to manage up, down and across the organization. You have the ability to manage a project in a timely way that stays under budget. You have the ability to support others in their project management skills.
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: You identify our priorities, brainstorming our possible paths, digging into the data and charting a path. You use strategic thinking to create plans, budgets, etc. to make our priorities and goals actionable and help us drive toward outcomes.
  • Empowering Others: You are able to properly steward organizational resources to create the workforce plan to achieve goals. You have the ability to convey confidence in others’ ability to be successful, especially at challenging new tasks; delegating significant responsibility and authority; correctly balancing directing, coaching and supporting.
  • Leadership: You have the ability to balance organizational, departmental, personal and external priorities. You have strong systems thinking skills. You are able to balance the micro and the macro. You are able to strongly advocate and articulate point of view but also able to buy into and communicate organizational decisions (whether the two are aligned or not). You have a strong team player with a dedicated commitment to strengthening the organization. You approach problems with a sense of ownership and leading with solutions. You proactively act when there are gaps, overcoming ambiguity to lead with clarity and agency. You have strong decision making skills and are able to assess when to act, even if information is missing. 

Qualifications and Skills

  • You have a combined 7+ years experience in sales, customer success, account management or education. Prior partnership development experience with school districts is critical.
  • You have experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum developer, professional learning professional, or instructional coach and can guide others on pedagogical approaches. Experience with implementing a learning management system, high stakes testing (such as SAT, ACT, Accuplacer) or certification in ELA or Math preferred.
  • You have expertise with presentation design and delivery, including large group and remote facilitation. You proactively anticipate customer needs and create help documents, videos, or supporting resources to translate customer challenges into solutions.
  • You are skilled in building a web of relationships within schools, systems, and communities, from systems leaders to teachers, in service of enhancing partnerships at all levels.
  • You have a passionate commitment to and a sense of urgency for the support of schools, along with a belief that all students can achieve at high levels; you believe in the power of formative assessment, coaching, and professional development as critical levers in school improvement.
  • You know how to establish trust and build authentic relationships quickly in ways that engage, grow perspectives, build advocates and drive action.
  • You navigate bureaucratic environments masterfully, being consistent and persistent while balancing our relationship with stakeholders with the needs of the organization.
  • You like a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.


  • This role is remote and can be done anywhere in the U.S.
  • Compensation includes a generous benefits package including health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurances, medical and dependent care reimbursement accounts, a 403(b) retirement plan with employer match, 21 paid days of holidays/office closures/recharge days,  15 days paid time off (in year 1), 2 paid volunteer days, paid family leave, and a monthly work from home stipend.
  • We are actively working to build a diverse team; people of color, people from working class backgrounds, LGBTQ folks, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based upon gender, race, national origin, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or gender expression.


Please visit this Link to apply. Applications without cover letters will not be considered.