Alumni Spotlight: Floyd Black

Floyd Black, a CollegeSpring alumnus, recently received the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools Leader of Change Scholarship. He also traveled to the White House to meet First Lady Michelle Obama as part of the White House Beating the Odds Summit. Floyd shared with us about the Leader of Change Scholarship, how CollegeSpring impacted his college options, and advice for future CollegeSpring students. Congratulations, Floyd!


Floyd Black with Krystal Flores (left) and Kamala Avila-Salmon (right) – Alliance Young Professionals Board College & Career Co-Chairs

The Leader of Change Scholarship recognizes two high school seniors within the Alliance district who have acted as leaders in their respective schools and communities. In my essays I talked about my journey dealing with my lack of parents growing up, how that affected my initial academic career, and how I eventually used it as motivation to succeed, not only for myself but for my family and community.

I was accepted to both UCLA and the University of Virginia, and my SAT score was a crucial factor in almost every school I applied to. I didn’t have an outrageous GPA, so when starting to look at colleges I realized that my SAT would have to be good to even stand a chance.

My advice to future CollegeSpring students would be to get as much out of the sessions as you can because while you don’t realize it, SAT scores can affect your life as a whole. Although colleges say that they look at the whole application, if you don’t have the test scores, then you are missing a crucial component.

The thing I appreciated the most about CollegeSpring, besides the academic help, was the fact that my mentor was a college student and was able to give me advice about being a young adult and student and how to balance social and academic life. I will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall, and I am most looking forward to a new environment and the challenges that come along with it; I know that they will strengthen my character and help me become a better person and leader.