The Importance of College Signing Day

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Chris Hurd, Southern California Director of Programs shares his perspective on College Signing Day.

What is the significance of College Signing Day, both for you and for our students?

Signing Day is an opportunity for students to let the world know that the hard work they have put in for the last 12+ years working towards this goal has been realized. It shows their siblings, cousins, family members, neighbors, and friends that no matter where you come from, you too can make this dream a reality. It serves as motivation for educators, who pour their hearts into their work to make a difference in the lives of students. It is an opportunity to celebrate the current generation and inspire the future generations to work hard so they too can be praised for their hard work.

What are some things you have done in the past to celebrate College Signing Day?

Previously as a college counselor, I helped put on a signing day ceremony for an entire graduating class in which 100% of students were admitted to four-year colleges. These students were celebrated in front of the rest of the student body and their families and friends. In this ceremony, students had the opportunity to announce which colleges they were admitted to and ultimately decided to attend. Once they made that announcement, they were given a tie in the colors of that university which they were able to wear as part of their uniform for the rest of the year.

What is it like for first-generation college students to commit to a school?

Very, very stressful for some. The idea of making a commitment to be away from their family, friends, and safety net can be very intimidating. The unknown is scary for many. Explaining to students that change is a good thing and often necessary for growth can help ease this anxiety. Additionally, linking students with on-campus resources is key to ensure that first, they enroll, and second, they succeed.

Why is it important that we celebrate college signing day?

College Signing Day, to me, is more important to celebrate than prom and high school graduation. College Signing Day serves as motivation for those students coming after and is a great way to reward the graduates for their hard work.

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