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Our partners are fundamental to our work.

At CollegeSpring, we believe that students discover better opportunities and increased post-secondary success when they are equitably prepared for college and career readiness assessments. We meet students where they are by partnering with schools, districts, charter networks, and nonprofits to train the teachers – who students already know and trust – to deliver our program during the school day.

A Standout Alternative

Our program unlocks better opportunities for all students by meeting them where they are – in the classroom with teachers they know and trust. We have a proven track record of improving scores by building upon students’ foundational reading and math skills.

  1. We teach academic skills not just test-taking tricks.
    Our program helps students achieve College and Career readiness while learning strategies that empower them with confidence for any test environment.
  2. We individualize our program based on our partners' needs and student performance.
    Our partners can implement our program as a stand-alone class offering (i.e. college readiness class, SAT/ACT, or AVID prep class), embedded in core content areas, or as an after-school or summer program.
  3. We provide more opportunities to capture and analyze data in real time.
    Our partners may offer practice tests via the CollegeSpring Connect platform to help build student experience with testing stamina and confidence and measure their progress.

The CollegeSpring Solution

Our curriculum helps students build Test Confidence – a combination of academic skills, exam familiarity, knowledge about college and career readiness, and motivation to use the test to change their trajectory in college admissions and beyond.

  • Tailored Instructional Support

    CollegeSpring’s team is an extension of yours. We provide hands-on training and support which may include individual and group coaching, data analysis sessions, and consultation on pacing. We manage the logistics, assist with implementation, and ensure your operations run smoothly.

  • Detailed Data Reporting

    We provide practice testing and data review sessions, using official test scores and individualized score reports, to help your students and instructors target specific growth areas. We also create aggregate reports that provide valuable classroom and school-level data to assess your students’ progress.

  • Our Partnerships

    We partner exclusively with organizations serving populations who are historically underrepresented in higher education. Our partners include traditional public schools, charter schools, private and parochial schools, and nonprofit community organizations. Overall, 94% of our administrators say they are satisfied with CollegeSpring.

Our suite of products is expanding
to best fit your students’ needs.

Accepting partners now for Digital SAT, ACT, and TSIA2!

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