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CollegeSpring Connect

CollegeSpring harnesses the power of teachers, empowering them with instructional coaching, digital curriculum, lesson plans, data analysis–all housed on a sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS) called CollegeSpring Connect. 

CollegeSpring Connect includes an interactive curriculum, in-depth test analytics, and reporting components that help drive classroom instruction and inform individual students about their performance. The content is centrally managed and allows for easy reordering of lessons, by classroom, to meet partner needs. The learning system can be accessed by individual users or partner LMS systems through a single login.

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Why CollegeSpring Connect?

  • Our digital content is immediate plug-and-play into district LMS systems, with direct gradebook integration and reporting. It allows partners to use our curriculum in an interface their teachers and students are familiar with and includes differentiated lesson plans, practice assignments, interactive elements, and rich assessments.
  • Our learning system allows us to meet partner pacing needs, making real-time changes that reflect across all courses.
  • We provide in-platform reporting for all products, allowing teachers to access data to guide their individual students’ learning.
  • Our test capabilities deliver the ability for personalized learning and adaptive testing.

Visit our Become a Partner page to learn how you can strengthen your postsecondary readiness efforts through access to CollegeSpring Connect!