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Our Programs

CollegeSpring harnesses the power of teachers, empowering them with a fully digital curriculum, lesson plans, and data analysis–all housed on a sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS). Training and ongoing  coaching and support for administrators and teachers further unlocks greater impact for students. We have the unique ability to embed our program into teachers’ day-to-day schedule or adapt to our partners’ current program model.

When teachers, whom students already know and trust, deliver our program during the school day, they help students boost scores on the Digital SAT, ACT, and TSIA2 (Texas-based ACCUPLACER) and increase access to college scholarships and eliminate roadblocks to college success through dual enrollment or placement out of remediation. CollegeSpring students are not only building foundational skills in Math, English, and Writing, they are also gaining confidence and building life skills like goal-setting and resilience.


Proprietary curriculum and resources that are test-aligned

Practice tests with data analysis and reporting

Differentiated curriculum for all students


Adaptive model to fit our partner’s needs, including AVID courses, schools to districts, and nonprofit programming

Serves all students, —not just a select few


Personalized instructional coaching throughout the year

Virtual professional development, support, lesson plans, and digital materials


Higher assessment scores

Increased Test Confidence

More postsecondary pathways

Personalized instruction delivered by teachers who students know and trust

More Than Just Test Prep

Success on tests requires more than practice. Students need to:

  • Have knowledge about the college application process and the role of tests in admissions and financial aid;
  • Know how the test can change their future trajectories and feel motivated to use it as a lever to unlock opportunity; and,
  • Achieve the academic skills to perform effectively on the test.

Together, these build a student’s Test Confidence, leading to results that set students up for success on the test and beyond

Test Confidence

CollegeSpring builds Test Confidence by equipping teachers with teaching materials and detailed student data to better meet their students’ unique needs.

What our Program Model Offers

  • Learning Management System with plug-and-play activities and assignments that are automatically graded to lighten the load of teacher preparation.
  • Proprietary curriculum and resources, including:
    • Between 20 and 40 core lessons covering official test standards;
    • Additional 10 College Knowledge and 6 Motivation & Mindset lessons that grow the whole learner; and,
    • Robust Teacher Facilitation Guides that include differentiated instruction for ELL and below grade level learners with helpful steps for instruction.
  • Practice tests that mimic official exams with similar tools and formatting to build Test Confidence with exam familiarity. Students are exposed to more than 1,000 unique practice questions throughout the course. 
  • Individual student and aggregate class and school data analysis and reporting that provide insight on which skills students are struggling with and in-depth reports showing progress toward meeting official readiness standards.

We’re Expanding our Programs!

Accepting partners for Digital SAT, TSIA2, & ACT!